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What is Obesity?

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Obesity is a condition in which the body's fat stores exceed the capability of its skeletal and muscular structure. The National Institute of Health states that when the body has reached an increase of 20% or more above the body's ideal weight, that weight then poses a health risk. Excessive fat in the body can result in a reduced life expectancy, increased heart rate, and other health problems. Obesity predisposes the individual to several health disorders including sleep apnea, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, and specific types of cancer. These conditions are referred to as co-morbidities of Obesity.

Obesity can develop due to a genetic propensity for the condition. There are a few rare cases that are attributable to endocrine disorders, psychiatric illness, or medications. Generally the patient is suffering from a combination of biological, psychological and social issue contributing to their problem. Weight loss surgery often serves as a powerful tool to starting a patient's freedom from obesity.

We offer a range of resources for additional information about what obesity is and how to treat it. We welcome you to sign up for our free seminars with Dr. Merriman and read the articles available on our website.


*Disclaimer: All weight loss claims are due to surgery. Results will vary by person and are based upon the patient, the surgery type and the compliance with the aftercare program.

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